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Lip balm - Larifan

Lip balm LARIFAN is created for lips and mucous membrane care and protection.
Lip balm composition includes a patented natural origin component dsRNA LARIFAN which provides additional value to the balm. Lip balm LARIFAN is an efficient remedy for body’s natural local protective regulation, thus protecting against harmful external environmental factors (including viruses, bacteria).

Lip balm LARIFAN is recommended for:

- persons, who are prone to herpes infection, especially in an environment provoking the infection – staying in chilly, humid, windy environment, overheating and exposure to intensive sunlight, mechanical damage to lip skin and mucosa,
- in case of dry and chapped lips,
- protection against infections caused by various viruses, including influenza, entering the body.
- Cosmetologists advise to use Lip balm LARIFAN after lip decorative cosmetic (permanent make-up) procedures, in order to avoid activation of herpes infection.
Positive evaluation have been received from Latvian Association of Doctors-Cosmetologists.



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